Hi Roland,

We are proposing exactly this kind of integration facility with our open source WebLab-project (see weblab-project.org). The tutorials are not perfect, but we are a team of 15-like engineers on the project which has more than 4 years history and is currently used in our projects. Our goal is to rely as much as possible on standards and thus each processing step (SourceReader, Normaliser, Analyser...) are defined as Webservice. Then the global orchestration is done in BPEL. On the plus side we have a SolR indexer, but I'm quite sure it's not very optimised ;-).

If you are interested I'll be happy to support you (I'm paid for that already ;-).


On 18 April 2011 12:37, Roland Villemoes <rv@alpha-solutions.dk> wrote:

Hi All,


I know this question may have been asked before – but I really did not find any usable answers browsing the archives. So I have to try the developer list here.


We at Alpha Solutions often need a Pipeline for handling crawling, analyzing and routing before we hit the UpdateRequestHandler in Solr. I know we could actually use the UpdateRequestHandler for this - but often we like to perform all these tasks before hitting Solr.

We have been using OpenPipeline which does offer a GUI also which makes it rather nice to administer (if you tweak the GUI a bit!). I does seem though, that OpenPipeline will not really get going. Nothing happens, and there is not really any community around it – and it doesn’t seem that the guys that’s behind this will ever move this further.


So we are looking around towards other “pipeline” projects that can work well with Solr.


So – does any of you have any ideas on this? Any recommendations? Or any plans of this for Solr?


Thanks a lot

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