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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Unsupported encoding GB18030
Date Sat, 02 Apr 2011 22:57:02 GMT

: I don't see the reason why "exampledocs" should contain docs with narrow charsets not guaranteed
to be supported.
: In my opinion this file belongs in the test suite, also since it only contains "test" content,
unsuitable for demoing.

it's purpose for being there is to let *users* "test" if their servlet 
container + solr conbination is working with alternate encodings -- much 
the same reason utf8-example.xml and are included in 

It's a perfectly valid exampledoc for Solr.  it may not work on all 
platforms, but the *.sh files aren't garunteed to work on all platforms 
either.  if we moved it to hte test directory, end users fetching binary 
releases wouldn't get it. and may not be aware that their servlet 
container isn't supporting thta charset.

personally i would like to see us add a lot more exampledocs in a lot more 
esoteric encodings, precisely to help end users sanity test this sort of 
thing.  we frequetnly get questions form people about character encoding 
wonkiness, and things like, utf8-example.xml, and now 
gb18030-example.xml can help us narrow down the problem: their 
client code, their servlet container, or solr?


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