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From Ryan McKinley <>
Subject [POLL] JTS compile/test dependency
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2011 18:12:13 GMT
Some may be following the thread on spatial development...  here is a
quick summary, and a poll to help decide what may be the best next

I'm hoping to introduce a high level spatial API that can be used for
a variety of indexing strategies and computational needs.  For simple
point in BBox and point in WGS84 radius, this does not require any
external libraries.  To support more complex queries -- point in
polygon, complex geometry intersections, etc -- we need an LGPL
library JTS.  The LGPL dependency is only needed to compile/test,
there is no runtime requirement for JTS.  To enable the more
complicated options you would need to add JTS to the classpath and
perhaps set a environment variable.  This is essentially what we are
now doing with the (soon to be removed) bdb contrib.

I am trying to figure out the best home for this code and development
to live.  I think it is essential for the JTS support to be part of
the core build/test -- splitting it into a separate module that is
tested elsewhere is not an option.  This raises the basic question of
if people are willing to have the LGPL build dependency as part of the
main lucene build.  I think it is, but am sympathetic to the idea that
it might not be.

If the JTS dependency is not acceptable, then we will look for a good
home elsewhere (maybe in apache, maybe at osgeo).

Before doing the work to actually integrate with the lucene build
system, it would be nice to see what the general feeling is about the
plan.  If folks are OK with the idea, we can make a concrete
patch/branch to flush out the details

[] OK with JTS compile dependency.  Spatial support should be a module
[] OK with JTS, but think this spatial stuff should happen elsewhere
[] Please, no LGPL dependencies in lucene build


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