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From Ryan McKinley <>
Subject Re: Lucene Spatial Future
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2011 16:03:57 GMT
> Grant, since you too have an interest in spatial, you too could be a developer on lucene-spatial-playground
(I look forward to a better name).  Just because there are folks interested in spatial involved
with Lucene/Solr does not mean that the module needs to actually be in the Lucene/Solr's codebase
itself.  I think geospatial is both fairly specialized and also only desired by a fraction
of Lucene/Solr users, particularly beyond the basic essentials satisfied with a pair of trie
doubles (LatLonPoint) and a distance functionquery.  If you consider that, then why would
it be in Lucene/Solr?

my aspirations may be high, but I think spatial+lucene/solr can be a
platform to rival PostGIS -- or at the very least good option when you
need good text+spatial search.  (PostGIS and oracle spatial are the
only options now)

Some key features that would get lots of attention from geo devlopers are:
 * native CS-W support from solr.  This is super important for GIS
catalogs.  Actually now required by law in the EU!
 * native GeoRSS and opensearch geo from solr
 * lucene/solr as a geotools data source -- this opens up a huge range
of off-the-shelf processing

The people who care about these problems and the build system and
dependencies to support them are pretty distinct from lucene core.


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