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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: jira issues falling off the radar -- "Next" JIRA version
Date Fri, 29 Apr 2011 12:20:17 GMT
On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 12:12 AM, David Smiley (
<> wrote:

> (Comments on SOLR-2191 between Mark & I were starting to get off-topic with
> respect to the issue so I am continuing the conversation here)
> A lot of JIRA issues seem to fall off the radar, IMO. I'm talking about
> issues that have patches and are basically ready to go.  There are multiple
> ways to address this but at the moment I am going to just bring up one.
> Looking at the versions in JIRA one can assign an issue to
> I see the version named "Next", with this description: "Placeholder for
> commiters to track issues that are not ready to commit, but seem close
> enough to being ready to warrant focus before the next feature release".
> This version and what it implies is a common pattern in use of JIRA that I
> too use for projects I manage for my employer. It appears that for the 3.1
> release, nobody looked through the issues assigned to "Next", and
> consequently, some issues like SOLR-2191 were forgotten despite being ready
> to go.  Looking through the wiki I see information on how to do a release
> and release suggestions but no
> information on what to do in advance of a release.  I also don't see any
> administrative tasks on managing the "Next" version in JIRA.  So I think
> either the "Next" version should be used effectively, or if that isn't going
> to happen then delete this version.

I agree Next is dangerous!

It'd be nice if Jira could auto-magically treat Next as whatever
release really is "next".  EG, say we all agree 3.2 is our next
release, then ideally Jira would treat all Next issues as if they were
marked with 3.2.

But... lacking that, maybe we really shouldn't use Next at all, and
just use 3.2?  Having to step through these issues and move them to
the next release on releasing is also healthy, ie, it's good that we
see/review them, think about why we didn't get it done on the current
release, etc.

> On a related note, I don't know what to make of the "1.5" version, nor what
> to make of issues marked as Closed for "Next".  Some house cleaning is in
> order.

We should clean these up.  Should we just roll them over to 3.2?


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