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From Ryan McKinley <>
Subject Re: Lucene Spatial Future
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2011 16:39:06 GMT
>> -1.  I *totally* understand if other people don't want JTS in the
>> build system -- it is not a core concern to most people involved.
> Until there is a specific patch that brings in and shows how JTS would be incorporated
(via reflection and as a totally optional piece, presumably, per the ASF LGPL guidelines),
there really isn't anything to vote on.

fair point -- the optional logistics are working in a maven build.
I'm reluctant to convert to the ant build system if there is already
strong opposition to the idea.  If folks are OK with the idea, I will
happily make concrete patch/branch that we could vote on.

so maybe i'm just looking for a POLL not a vote -- find out if this is
a non-starter or not (i am under the impression that it might be)

FYI, the optional support is now handled by a static
SpatialContextProvider' that you can ask for a SpatialContext.  By
default it makes a SimpleSpatialContext -- if you set some system
properties, it uses reflection to load a different instance.
Eventually, this should be replaced with the standard java service
loader stuff (i think)


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