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From Varun Thacker <>
Subject (LUCENE-2793:Directory createOutput and openInput should take an IOContex and LUCENE-2795:Genericize DirectIOLinuxDir -> UnixDir) as GSoC
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2011 19:22:34 GMT
I'm moving this discussion to the thread as suggested by the Lucene mentors.

This is my final proposal link:

Till now I have implemented the following to get a better understanding of
my project:

I wrote a sample code to test out speed difference between SEQUENTIAL and
O_DIRECT( I used the madvise flag-MADV_DONTNEED) reads .This is the link to
the code: There was a noticeable speed
difference when i switched between the two flags. I did not use the O_DIRECT
flag because Linus Torvalds had criticized it.

This blog post by Micheal McCandless (
helped me understand the problem for which LUCENE-2793 is needed.

I am currently reading up on the Lucene Documentation taking into account a
few pointers provided by Simon WIllnauer.

I want to keep everyone updated and also take into consideration the
comments made by the members of this community, which will help me
understand and implement these tasks .


Varun Thacker

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