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From Ryan McKinley <>
Subject Re: Lucene Spatial Future
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2011 14:45:56 GMT
>> The spatial API in google code takes a pretty different approach to
>> spatial search in general.  It is organized into three key packages:
>> 1. core stuff, no lucene dependencies.  Most of the math is here
> Aren't you just replicating what SIS is doing for this piece?  If you don't have a JTS
requirement, that means you are going to need equivalent math, right?  Isn't that what SIS
is about?

This package defines the general interfaces and concepts used in the
project.  Things like SpatialOperations, Shape, PrefixGrid and
DistanceCalculator -- these can then be backed by simple math, JTS, or
eventually maybe SIS.

The other key stuff in this package is the client side objects that to
build spatial queries.  Essentially everything that could be bundled
with solrj.

>> I could suggest a new ASF project, but there seems like too much
>> overlap with SIS and very different philosophy on 3rd party libraries.
>> In the end, seems like a more natural home and has better
>> branding for spatial related work anyway.
> By all means go for it.  I don't see any reason not too.  I guess in the end, I'm not
sure what you are asking us to do.  Do you want Lucene/Solr to remove all of our spatial
support in favor of incorporating this new project or do you just want those who are interested
in spatial to join the new project and it can be seen as an add on?

I'm trying to have an open discussion about what makes sense for
spatial development.  I don't *want* to start a new project... but I
think we need a dev/test environment that can support the whole range
of spatial needs -- without reinventing many wheels, this includes

Lucene currently has LGPL compile dependencies, but they are on the
way out, and (unless I'm missing something) i don't think folks are
open to adding a JTS build/test dependency --  Maybe I should call a
vote on the JTS issue, though i suspect most binding votes are -0 or
-1.  I *totally* understand if other people don't want JTS in the
build system -- it is not a core concern to most people involved.

If the lucene build/test environment does not support spatial
development, this leads me to think about other places to host the
project...  wherever it makes the most sense.  I would prefer staying
within lucene because it is easiest for me.

I don't want this to be competition or duplicate effort.  I hope it
lets us clean up the broken stuff from lucene and overtime deprecate
the parts that are better supported elsewhere.

I want the best spatial support available in solr out-of-the-box.  If
this project is eventually built and maintained outside of lucene, i
would like the .jar distributed in solr.


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