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From Nikola Tanković <>
Subject GSoC: LUCENE-2308: Separately specify a field's type
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2011 15:34:28 GMT
Hi all,

if everything goes well I'll be delighted to be part of this project this
summer together with my assigned mentor Mike. My task will be to introduce
new classes to Lucene core which will enable to separate Fields' Lucene
properties from it's value (

As you assume, this will largely impact lucene & solr, so we need to think
this through thoroughly.

Changes will include:

   - Introduction of an FieldType class that will hold all the extra
   properties now stored inside Field instance other than field value itself.
   - New FieldTypeAttribute interface will be added to handle extension with
   new field properties inspired by IndexWriterConfig.
   - Refactoring and dividing of settings for term frequency and positioning
   can also be done
   - Discuss possible effects of completion of
LUCENE-2310<>on this
   - Adequate Factory class for easier configuration of new Field instances
   together with manually added new FieldTypeAttributes
   - FieldType, once instantiated is read-only. Only fields value can be
   - Simple hierarchy of Field classes with core properties logically
   predefaulted. E.g.:
      - NumberField,
      - StringField,
      - TextField,
      - NonIndexedField,

My questions and issues:

   - Backward compatibility? Will this go to Lucene 3.0?
   - What is the best way to break this into small baby steps?

Nikola Tanković

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