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From Varun Thacker <>
Subject My GSOC proposal
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2011 17:56:59 GMT

I'm Varun Thacker , a Computer Science student from Manipal Institute
of Technology , India. I am interested in contributing towards the
Lucene project as part of GSOC 2011.

I would like to combine two tasks as part of my project
namely-Directory createOutput and openInput should take an IOContext
(Lucene-2793) and compliment it by Generalize DirectIOLinuxDir to
UnixDir (Lucene-2795).

The first part of the project is aimed at significantly reducing time
taken to search during indexing by adding an IOContext which would
store buffer size and have options to bypass the OS’s buffer cache
(This is what causes the slowdown in search ) and other hints. Once
completed I would move on to Lucene-2795 and generalize the Directory
implementation to make a UnixDirectory .

I am a active member of our college's Linux Users Group
( and have actively participated in FOSS
activities in India, attending Pycon India 2009 and FOSS.IN in 2010.
In December 2010 I helped an Indian Institute of Technology , Delhi
professor in coding for his research paper on the Quadratic Assignment

I have spoken to Micheal McCandless and Simon Willnauer about
undertaking these tasks. Micheal McCandless has agreed to mentor me .
I would love to be able to contribute and learn from Apache Lucene
community this summer. Also I would love suggestions on how to make my
application proposal stronger.


Varun Thacker

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