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From Antony Bowesman <>
Subject Filters with 2.9.4
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2011 05:29:59 GMT

Another migrate to 2.9.4 issue for me...

When a search is done by a user, I collect a 'DocSet' of Documents for that 
'owner'  (Term("id", "XX)).  This is a single set for all Documents in the index 
and NOT per reader.

Then when searches are made I use caching Filters, but I use my master DocSet as 
a Filter for those chained Filters.  However, with 2.9, Filters are now called 
per segment reader and there's a DocIdSet for each Reader.  There is no way for 
the filter implementation to know the docBase for the passed reader, like the 
collector does.

As the Javadocs for Filter.getDocIdSet imply, a Filter must only return doc ids 
for the given reader.

I am now stuck with a filter implementation that can no longer interset the 
master bitset for my 'owners'.

Was this envisaged during the changes and is there a way I can get hold of the 
docBase for an IndexReader.


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