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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Lucene Solr 3.1 RC1
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2011 23:09:46 GMT
: I spent this morning reviewing the Solr tgz artifacts (will look at hte 
: lucene ones after lunch).  Notes so far...

######## Lucene Artifacts...

##### General concerns

As mentioned before, there are a bunch of files only included in the src 
release that seem suspicious -- they should probably also be included in 
the binary release...

contrib/analyzers/common: README.txt
contrib/analyzers/common: SNOWBALL-LICENSE.txt
contrib/benchmark: conf
contrib/benchmark: scripts
contrib/swing: docs
contrib/xml-query-parser: docs
contrib/xml-query-parser: LuceneContribQuery.dtd
contrib/xml-query-parser: LuceneCoreQuery.dtd

###### src-tgz

Things I tested that worked great...

* compiled and ran all tests using java 1.5
* ran "ant" to build the core jar
* ran "ant build-contrib" to build the contrib jars
* ran the demo to index/search lucene source code

Problems I noticed...

* the BUILD.txt file only instructs you to run "ant" to build Lucene, this 
in turn runs "jar-core" which builds the core jar but none of the 
contribs.  (Because the demo is a contrib there is no obvious indication 
from BUILD.txt how to build the demo).  we should  probably at least 
mention "ant -p" but ironicly the "package" target (which is the closets 
thing we have for building all jars w/o tgz or ziping them up) doesn't 
have a description -- but at least people would see build-contrib.

* demo.html says...

"You need two JARs: the Lucene JAR, and the Lucene demo JAR. You should 
see the Lucene JAR file in the directory you created when you extracted 
the archive -- it should be named something like 
lucene-core-{version}.jar. You should also see a file called 

But that's not where either of those jars are found if you build from 
source ... they are both in build/

* "ant javadocs" fails because "javadocs-all" can't find prettify...

The following error occurred while executing this line:
/home/hossman/tmp/lucene3.1rc/3.1.rc1/l-src-tgz/dev-tools/prettify not 

...this seems like a pretty fundemental problem since the lucene-src 
release doesn't include dev-tools at all (it's one level higher then what 
we package)

###### bin-tgz

Everything looks great. The README.txt is consistent with the contents, 
the demo runs, the docs all look good and the links between them all work.

The only thing that seemed fishy is that we ship the javadocs as well as 
javadoc jars.  not sure if we really need both.


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