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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Lucene Solr 3.1 RC1
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2011 19:53:40 GMT

: This is just to make it easier for everyone to review the current
: state of the packages (there were a lot of minor fixups since RC0)
: and identify any other blockers.

I spent this morning reviewing the Solr tgz artifacts (will look at hte 
lucene ones after lunch).  Notes so far...

######## Solr Artifacts...

##### General concerns

As mentioned before, the following jars are not identical between the bin 
and src releases, I'm not sure if that's just becuase yonik didn't build 
them at the exact same time, or if we have a glitch in our build.xml that 
is modifying these files when it shouldn't be...


...using "jarc" to poke arround in post.jar the specific change seems to 
have been the "Created-By" variable in the manifest...

	 &lt; Created-By: 19.1-b02 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)
	 &gt; Created-By: 1.5.0_22-b03 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)

I'm not entirely sure why the other three jars are included in the src 
release at all ... contrib/analysis-extras/lucene-libs gets removed by ant 
clean, and the jars are rebuilt as part of the build process, so shouldn't 
they be excluded from the src artifacts? 

###### src-tgz

Things I tested that worked great...

* Building the example
* Running the main example
* Running the DIH examples

Problems I noticed...

* nothing in README or "ant -p" about how to build the non-javadocs (ie: 

* while in the solr directory "ant javadoc" produced this warning...


warning - Tag @link: can't find IndexSchema(SolrConfig, String, 
InputStream) in org.apache.solr.schema.IndexSchema

* after that warning "ant javadoc" (in solr dir) failed with 
DocletAbortException ...

  [javadoc] javadoc: error - 

(No such file or directory) encountered while 
  [javadoc] performing copy.

* CHANGES.txt says we are using Tika 0.8-SNAPSHOT and UIMA 2.3.1-SNAPSHOT, 
but when i look at the actual jars there is no indication that these are 

* CHANGES.txt has a "1.4.2-dev" section listing bug fixes ... as if that 
were a release after 1.4.1 and before the current 3.1 release.

###### bin-tgz

Things I tested that worked great...

* Reading the docs and javadocs
* Running the main example
* Running the DIH examples

Problems I noticed...

* tutorial still indicates it's about a non released version ... as i 
mentioned to yonik on irc, i think we should just rip these forrest 
variables out completley.  they've always been finicy to get just right in 
a release.

* ditto comments about CHANGES.txt from src artifact


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