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From David Nemeskey <>
Subject Re: [GSoC] Apache Lucene @ Google Summer of Code 2011 [STUDENTS READ THIS]
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2011 08:37:02 GMT
Hey Simon and all,

May we get an update on this? I understand that Google has published the list 
of accepted organizations, which -- not surprisingly -- includes the ASF. Is 
there any information on how many slots Apache got, and which issues will be 

The student application period opens on the 28th, so I'm just wondering if I 
should go ahead and apply or wait for the decision.


On 2011 March 11, Friday 17:23:58 Simon Willnauer wrote:
> Hey folks,
> Google Summer of Code 2011 is very close and the Project Applications
> Period has started recently. Now it's time to get some excited students
> on board for this year's GSoC.
> I encourage students to submit an application to the Google Summer of Code
> web-application. Lucene & Solr are amazing projects and GSoC is an
> incredible opportunity to join the community and push the project
> forward.
> If you are a student and you are interested spending some time on a
> great open source project while getting paid for it, you should submit
> your application from March 28 - April 8, 2011. There are only 3
> weeks until this process starts!
> Quote from the GSoC website: "We hear almost universally from our
> mentoring organizations that the best applications they receive are
> from students who took the time to interact and discuss their ideas
> before submitting an application, so make sure to check out each
> organization's Ideas list to get to know a particular open source
> organization better."
> So if you have any ideas what Lucene & Solr should have, or if you
> find any of the GSoC pre-selected projects [1] interesting, please
> join us on [2].  Since you as a student must
> apply for a certain project via the GSoC website [3], it's a good idea
> to work on it ahead of time and include the community and possible
> mentors as soon as possible.
> Open source development here at the Apache Software
> Foundation happens almost exclusively in the public and I encourage you to
> follow this. Don't mail folks privately; please use the mailing list to
> get the best possible visibility and attract interested community
> members and push your idea forward. As always, it's the idea that
> counts not the person!
> That said, please do not underestimate the complexity of even small
> "GSoC - Projects". Don't try to rewrite Lucene or Solr!  A project
> usually gains more from a smaller, well discussed and carefully
> crafted & tested feature than from a half baked monster change that's
> too large to work with.
> Once your proposal has been accepted and you begin work, you should
> give the community the opportunity to iterate with you.  We prefer
> "progress over perfection" so don't hesitate to describe your overall
> vision, but when the rubber meets the road let's take it in small
> steps.  A code patch of 20 KB is likely to be reviewed very quickly so
> get fast feedback, while a patch even 60kb in size can take very
> - Hide quoted text -
> long. So try to break up your vision and the community will work with
> you to get things done!
> On behalf of the Lucene & Solr community,
> Go! join the mailing list and apply for GSoC 2011,
> Simon
> [1]
> ery=labels+%3D+lucene-gsoc-11 [2]
> [3]
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