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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: NGramFilterFactory missing from Wiki?
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2011 23:27:05 GMT
: > Looking at
: >
: > Am I missing something or should the NGramFilterFactory be described on this page?
: It's not always kept up-to-date I guess.
: We should either update the wiki with the missing analysis components,
: or think about switching
: strategies to pointing at generated javadoc.

Personally i think the problem is we have too much stuff on the wiki 
page.  it was never intended to be a complet list, it was initially a 
place that explained hte concept of analysis and then had notes on a 
*few* specific factories when people wanted to post 

It already contains this text right at the top (and links to hte javadocs)...

> The lists below provide an overview of some of the more heavily used 
> Tokenizers and TokenFilters provided by Solr "out of the box" along with 
> tips/examples of using them. This list should by no means be considered 
> the "complete" list of all Analysis classes available in Solr! In 
> addition to new classes being added on an ongoing basis, you can load 
> your own custom Analysis code as a Plugin.
> For a more complete list of what Tokenizers and TokenFilters come out 
> of the box, please consult the javadocs for the analysis package. if you 
> have any tips/tricks you'd like to mention about using any of these 
> classes, please add them below. 

Frankly i think we should kill any factor listed that doesn't provide any 
info beyond just a basic description.


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