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From "David Smiley (" <>
Subject Re: wind down for 3.1?
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2011 00:38:52 GMT

I don't want to overstep my role in this conversation (not being a committer
as much as I want to be), but shouldn't there be some thought about what we
should *add* to 3.x before 3.x gets rushed out the door? I have no doubt 3.x
will be stable; I didn't mean "rushed" in that sense.  I'm sure we have in
our minds an issue or two that for whatever reason hasn't been committed but
should be.  Well I take that back, I'm talking to the wrong group of folks
since you all would have committed it then! ;-) 

One that comes to mind (and to several others I know) is SOLR-1709
Distributed date faceting. This has had working code for a long time, though
admittedly not a proper patch nor tests.  That issue sorely needs to get
committed IMO.  And then, it may not qualify as a "bug", but a release is an
opportunity to tidy up the /browse interface.  I tried to use it recently in
3x and it felt half-baked.  FWIW, this is a competitive advantage that
Endeca has over Solr -- they have a default browser that is quite good and
its indispensable.

I'm tempted to also bring up my distaste for the next version of Solr being
3.something instead of 1.5 (in fact I just did) but I'll just leave it at
that.  AFAIK that battle was lost months ago.

~ David Smiley

Robert Muir wrote:
> ...
> Despite this, I propose we do a 'casual freeze' on the 3.x code base
> in 7 days time, in other words we agree for a few weeks we will focus
> on bugs and tests only in branch_3x and try to shorten, not length the
> list of issues in JIRA (unless these issues are bugs!).
> The reason I say this, versus creating a release branch right now, is
> that I think we should take advantage of our stable branch (branch_3x)
> and avoid branching until the last minute: when we are ready to make
> an RC.
> I think any features/improvements that cannot be done in 7 days should
> really wait for 3.2 instead... and we shouldn't wait a year for that
> one to release either... we have a stable branch, lets take advantage
> of it.
> ...

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