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From Michael Busch <>
Subject RT branch status
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2010 08:44:50 GMT
After merging trunk into the RT branch it's finally compiling again and 

Several tests are failing now after the merge (43 out of 1427 are 
failing), which is not too surprising, because so many things have 
changed (segment-deletes, flush control, termsHash refactoring, removal 
of doc stores, etc).

Especially IndexWriter and DocumentsWriter are in a somewhat messy 
state, but I wanted to share my current state, so I committed the 
merge.  I'll try this week to understand the new changes (especially 
deletes) and make them work with the DWPT.  The following areas need work:
  * deletes
  * thread-safety
  * error handling and aborting
  * flush-by-ram (LUCENE-2573)

Also, some tests deadlock.  Not surprisingly either, cause flushcontrol 
etc. introduce new synchronized blocks.

Before the merge all tests were passing, except the ones testing 
flush-by-ram functionality.  I'll keep working on getting the branch 
back into that state again soon.

Help is definitely welcome!  I'd love to get this branch ready so that 
we can merge it into trunk as soon as possible.  As Mike's experiments 
show having DWPTs will not only be beneficial for RT search, but also 
increase indexing performance in general.


PS: Thanks for the patience!

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