We are a group of final year computer science students at UCL. We have been assigned to work on SolrCloud as part of our group project.

We have started to work on the following unimplemented features as detailed on the SolrCloud wiki:

- Optionally allow user to query by collection
- Optionally allow user to query by multiple collections (assume schemas are compatible)

We have approached these problems by using the cloud state to retrieve the slices for each specified collection, then adding them to a Map of all slices to query, which in turn is mapped to the physical shards. We are currently in the process of developing unit tests for our code.

We're open to feedback and we'll keep this list updated with our progress.

Alex Cowell, Soheb Mahmood, William Mayor, Konrad Kowalski, Ahillen Kuganesan, Andy Gamblin, Hamza Sethi