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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Dismax Wiki page
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2010 22:46:27 GMT

: I'm running 1.4.1 on a Windows box. Trying to specify dismax via
: defType=dismax fails, returning 0 results and doesn't look like it hits the
: dismax handler at all, at least the parsed query comes back with +() +()
: with debugQuery=on.

that parsed query looks like it would have come from dismax if you have no 
"qf" configured.  you cna be certain by using debugQuery=true and looking 
for "QParser" in the debug section.  9that works in solr 1.4.1)

: deftype=dismax is fine. qt=dismax is also fine.

deftype=dismax isn't going to do anything - you'll get the default 

qt=dismax is going to change the handler used, so if that works but 
defType=dismax doesn't, that just means that the requestHandler named 
"dismax" has some default params that make the dismax QParser work with 
your schema, but the 'default' requestHandler does not.

: The Wiki page has qt=defType=dismax in one of the examples (

that's a typo ... i fixed it.

: Before I fix the Wiki page, what's the preferred syntax? I thought it was
: def[T|t]ype.... And is the capitalization thing really a problem or not?

like all solr params, defType is case sensative.

qt vs defType is not a question of "prefrence" is a question of purpose. 
"qt" picks hte requestHandler instance.  "defType" tells that 
requestHandler what you want the default QParser to be for the "q" param.


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