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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Annoying message when building Solr
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2010 17:09:46 GMT
It's been several weeks since I built Solr, so I removed all the trunk code,
did a checkout and tried an ant build.  The build starts out by giving a
bunch of annoying warnings about not being able to find
c:\ant\lib\xbean.jar, xerxedImpl.jar, serializer.jar and others (Yes, some
of us are forever destined to work on windows boxes). I'm also getting some
test failures....

I know there have been eMails flying back and forth about Maven etc. but
haven't paid much attention.

I can start tracking these down but wanted to know what's expected. The "how
to contribute" page might need to be updated, which I'll do if that's what
should be done.

And my mac starts out the build by not being able to find some hsqldb jars,
but at least the tests succeed there.

All of these are very possibly issues with half-baked machine setups, which
is the first thing I'll check this afternoon. Mostly I wanted to know if:
1> These are experienced by someone else
2> I should have paid more attention to the Maven emails and that's the
preferred way of doing things now.
3> whether the Wiki is just really out of date and I should update it as I
work through the issues.

Under any circumstances, the "how to contribute" page on the wiki doesn't
have any prerequisites, which may be way more important on windows boxes
than Macs...


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