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From Peter Karich <>
Subject Re: WordDelimiterFilter bug
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2010 11:18:00 GMT
  Hi Robert,

thanks a lot! I will try a newer solr version for other reasons then I 
will try your suggested option too!
(I will repost your solution to the user mailing list if that is ok for 
you ...)

Where can I find more info about phrasequeries? I only found*
I mean, how does MultiPhraseQuery selects its documents for (tw:"(abc a) 
bc") ?



> On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 5:12 AM, Peter Karich<>  wrote:
>>   Hi Robert,
>>>   QueryGenerator^H^H^HParser
>> Thanks for the hint. I should have done a "debugQuery=on" earlier ... sorry.
>> But how can I get:<str name="parsedquery">tw:abc tw:a tw:bc
>> instead of: "parsedquery">MultiPhraseQuery(tw:"(abc a) bc")
>> for the query "aBc" ?
> If you are using Solr branch_3x or trunk, you can turn this off, by
> setting autoGeneratePhraseQueries to false in the fieldType.
> <fieldType name="text" class="solr.TextField"
> positionIncrementGap="100" autoGeneratePhraseQueries="false">
> By enabling this option, phrase queries are only created by the
> queryparser when you enclose stuff in double quotes.
> If you are using an older version of solr such as 1.4.x, then you can
> only hack it, by adding a PositionFilterFactory to the end of your
> query analyzer.
> The downside to that approach (unfortunately the only approach, for
> older versions) is that it completely disables phrasequeries across
> the board for that field type.

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