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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject mergeinfo commit mails, possible solution
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2010 14:55:06 GMT
From #lucene IRC:
gsingers:sarowe and I were talking about the mergeinfo commit overload
[09:43]gsingers:and the asf_mailer.conf file
[09:43]gsingers:In looking at the file
[09:44]gsingers:it appears the one thing we have the ability to do is to turn off the generation
of diffs for
[09:44]gsingers:The default setting is:
[09:44]gsingers:generate_diffs = add copy modify propchange
[09:44]gsingers:sarowe and I are proposing to change our settings to just be add/copy/modify
[09:44]gsingers:and try dropping propchange
[09:45]gsingers:I honestly don't know whether it will work or not
[09:45]gsingers:and it will also likely mean we will miss notifications of other propchanges
[09:45]gsingers:We've asked on #asfinfra if there are other options
[09:45]gsingers:and sarowe is looking into the script to see if there are other
things available
[09:46]gsingers:I guess the question here is, do people want to try turning off propchange?


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