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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Solr 3.1 back compat
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2010 18:55:01 GMT

: As part of, I'd like to 
: rework the SpellCheckComponent just a bit to be more generic.  I think I 
: can maintain the URL APIs (i.e. &spellcheck.*) in a back compatible way, 
: but I would like change some of the Java classes a bit, namely 
: level are named after spell checking.  I know we generally don't worry 
: too much about Java interfaces in Solr, but this seems like one area 
: where people do sometimes write their own.  The changes will be mostly 

Go for it.

Solr 3.1 will be a major new release compared to 1.4.  we shouldn't go out 
of our way to break compatibility for no reason, but if it allows us to 
add new functionality i wouldn't hesitated -- especially if it's just an 
internal Java API change and not an end user HTTP API change.

Even for HTTP API (or response structure) changes don't be shy about 
changing things if you think it really improves stuff -- the only 
hesitation i would have is in changes that are subtle and not entirely 
obvious -- it's better to break back compat in a way that causes an 
immediate and obvious failure then to change things it in a way that only 
breaks compat in *some* cases.  (ie: if you want to change the response 
structure from spellcheck, change it significantly enough that old parsing 
code won't ever work -- don't change it just a little bit so it seems like 
it's working initially, but in non-trivial cases data is missing)


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