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From Robert Muir <>
Subject Re: Lucene 3.0.3 Release Date
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2010 11:09:00 GMT
On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 4:28 AM, Uwe Schindler <> wrote:
I just need the information, if there is anything else that should go
into 2.9.4/3.0.3.

Here is a list of bugs fixed in 3.x that weren't backported... i didnt
spend a lot of time on these. perhaps its easy to reopen all of them
and set version to 3.0/2.9, and we can discuss on the the list/jira
that way


* LUCENE-2216: OpenBitSet.hashCode returned different hash codes for
  sets that only differed by trailing zeros. (Dawid Weiss, yonik)

* LUCENE-2235: Implement missing PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper.getOffsetGap().
  (Javier Godoy via Uwe Schindler)

* LUCENE-2249: ParallelMultiSearcher should shut down thread pool on
  close.  (Martin Traverso via Uwe Schindler)

* LUCENE-2273: FieldCacheImpl.getCacheEntries() used WeakHashMap
  incorrectly and lead to ConcurrentModificationException.
  (Uwe Schindler, Robert Muir)

* LUCENE-2328: Index files fsync tracking moved from
  IndexWriter/IndexReader to Directory, and it no longer leaks memory.
  (Earwin Burrfoot via Mike McCandless)

* LUCENE-2365: IndexWriter.newestSegment (used normally for testing)
  is fixed to return null if there are no segments.  (Karthick
  Sankarachary via Mike McCandless)

* LUCENE-2074(just the subtask): Reduce buffer size of lexer back to
default on reset.
  (Ruben Laguna, Shai Erera via Uwe Schindler)

* LUCENE-2496: Don't throw NPE if IndexWriter is opened with CREATE on
  a prior (corrupt) index missing its segments_N file.  (Mike

* LUCENE-2513: when opening writable IndexReader on a not-current
  commit, do not overwrite "future" commits.  (Mike McCandless)

* LUCENE-2533: fix FileSwitchDirectory.listAll to not return dups when
  primary & secondary dirs share the same underlying directory.
  (Michael McCandless)

* LUCENE-2549: Fix TimeLimitingCollector#TimeExceededException to record
  the absolute docid.  (Uwe Schindler)

* LUCENE-2580: MultiPhraseQuery throws AIOOBE if number of positions
  exceeds number of terms at one position (Jayendra Patil via Mike McCandless)

* LUCENE-2616: FastVectorHighlighter: out of alignment when the first value is
  empty in multiValued field (Koji Sekiguchi)

* LUCENE-2272: Fix explain in PayloadNearQuery and also fix scoring
issue (Peter Keegan via Grant Ingersoll)

* LUCENE-2658: Exceptions while processing term vectors enabled for multiple
  fields could lead to invalid ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions.
  (Robert Muir, Mike McCandless)


 * LUCENE-2035: TokenSources.getTokenStream() does not assign
   (Christopher Morris via Mark Miller)

 * LUCENE-2055 (doc fix only, recommend to use snowball): Deprecated
RussianTokenizer, RussianStemmer, RussianStemFilter,
   FrenchStemmer, FrenchStemFilter, DutchStemmer, and DutchStemFilter. For
   these Analyzers, SnowballFilter is used instead (for Version > 3.0), as
   the previous code did not always implement the Snowball algorithm correctly.
   Additionally, for Version > 3.0, the Snowball stopword lists are used by
   default.  (Robert Muir, Uwe Schindler, Simon Willnauer)

 * LUCENE-2278: FastVectorHighlighter: Highlighted term is out of alignment
   in multi-valued NOT_ANALYZED field. (Koji Sekiguchi)

 * LUCENE-2284: MatchAllDocsQueryNode toString() created an invalid XML tag.
   (Frank Wesemann via Robert Muir)

 * LUCENE-2277: QueryNodeImpl threw ConcurrentModificationException on
   add(List<QueryNode>). (Frank Wesemann via Robert Muir)

 * LUCENE-2184: Fixed bug with handling best fit value when the proper
best fit value is
		not an indexed field.  Note, this change affects the APIs. (Grant Ingersoll)
 * LUCENE-2359: Fix bug in CartesianPolyFilterBuilder related to
handling of behavior around
		the 180th meridian (Grant Ingersoll)

* LUCENE-2524: FastVectorHighlighter: use mod for getting colored tag.
  (Koji Sekiguchi)

* LUCENE-2653: ThaiWordFilter depends on the JRE having a Thai
dictionary, which is not
  always the case. If the dictionary is unavailable, the filter will now throw
  UnsupportedOperationException in the constructor.  (Robert Muir)

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