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From Li Li <>
Subject Re: question about SolrCore
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2010 08:00:52 GMT
is there anyone could help me?

2010/10/11 Li Li <>:
> hi all,
>    I want to know the detail of IndexReader in SolrCore. I read a
> little codes of SolrCore. Here is my understanding, are they correct?
>    Each SolrCore has many SolrIndexSearcher and keeps them in
> _searchers. and _searcher keep trace of the latest version of index.
> Each SolrIndexSearcher has a SolrIndexReader. If there isn't any
> update, all these searchers share one single SolrIndexReader. If there
> is an update, then a newSearcher will be created and a new
> SolrIndexReader associated with it.
>    I did a simple test.
>    A thread do a query and blocked by breakpoint. Then I feed some
> data to update index. When commit, a newSearcher is created.
>    Here is the debug info:
>    SolrCore _searcher [SolrIndexSearcher@...ab]
> _searchers[SolrIndexSearcher@...77,SolrIndexSearcher@...ab,SolrIndexSearcher@..f8]
>                 SolrIndexSearcher@...77 's SolrIndexReader is old one
> and     ab and f8 share the same newest SolrIndexReader
>    When query finished SolrIndexSearcher@...77 is discarded. When
> newSearcher success to warmup, There is only one SolrIndexSearcher.
>    The SolrIndexReader of old version of index is discarded and only
> segments in newest SolrIndexReader are referenced. Those segments not
> in new version can then be deleted because no file pointer reference
> them
> .
>    Then I start 3 queries. There is only one SolrIndexSearcher but RefCount=4.
>    It seems many search can share one single SolrIndexSearcher.
>    So in which situation, there will exist more than one
> SolrIndexSearcher that they share just one SolrIndexReader?
>    Another question, for each version of index, is there just one
> SolrIndexReader instance associated with it? will it occur that more
> than one SolrIndexReader are opened and they are the same version of
> index?

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