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From arekanderu <>
Subject encrypted data and mcrypt plugin
Date Sun, 10 Oct 2010 21:16:30 GMT

I have a users mysql table and one of the columns is the email address of
the user. For security reasons all emails are kept encrypted (with the use
of mcrypt library) inside the database.

Unfortunately this creates a problem when solr indexes the user data. The
solution i can think of is to create a solr plugin/filter to decrypt the
email address before indexing but that kinda defeats the whole purpose of
the encryption in the first place.

The other thing i thought of is to encrypt the email before i submit it to
solr for querying but in that way i can only search for exact matches.

I am looking for any input on this and I am also willing to pay for the
development of a plugin which will handle the decryption of the email before
it gets indexed - if that's a good idea in the first place -.

Thank you for any replies

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