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From Shai Erera <>
Subject Analyzer forcing tokenStream and reusableTokenStream to be final
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 15:10:44 GMT

I understand the assertions in Analyzer to enforce 'final' on those methods,
but I wanted to ask why do we care if a user's code does not declare them
final? Why fail the tests on it? Can we change the assertion to fail if the
code from o.a.l?

The thing is, we run tests w/ -ea to catch all sorts of errors (real errors)
Lucene may detect. Having some custom analyzers non-final is something we
may choose to live with, yet our tests keep failing. I don't want to argue
if we should or shouldn't make them final - just ask why does Lucene code
cares if the application code may not follow 'best practices'.

Is there real danger in having my analyzer not declaring these methods final
- something that can affect Lucene code for example? Or am I only risking my

Running w/o -ea is not an option, so please avoid suggesting it :).


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