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From Israel Ekpo <>
Subject Using long instead of int for docIds
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2010 05:24:31 GMT
Hi Solr Devs,

I have always had this question at the back of my mind and I would love to
know the answers to a couple of questions.

1. Does using int for document ids place any restrictions on the number of
documents that can be stored in a single index? I am assuming we cannot go
beyond 2 to power 31 minus 1 documents but I have not actually test this

2. What would it take to change the core to use long instead of int for
document ids?

3. Would there be any practical gains or benefits of making such a change?

I initially wanted to send this question to the Stomp the Chomp challenge
but I figured it would be better to open it to all.

Any useful feedbacks will be highly appreciated.

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