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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Solr 3.1 back compat
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2010 01:42:51 GMT
As part of, I'd like to rework the SpellCheckComponent
just a bit to be more generic.  I think I can maintain the URL APIs (i.e. &spellcheck.*)
in a back compatible way, but I would like change some of the Java classes a bit, namely SolrSpellChecker
and related to be reusable and reflect the commonality of the solutions.  The way I see it,
spell checking, auto suggest and related search suggestions are all just suggestions.  We
have much of the framework of this in place, other than a few things at the Java level are
named after spell checking.  I know we generally don't worry too much about Java interfaces
in Solr, but this seems like one area where people do sometimes write their own.  The changes
will be mostly renaming commonalities from "spellcheck" to "suggester" (or something similar)
and so I don't see it as particularly hard to make the change, but it would require some code
changes.  What do people think?  My other option would be to factor out as much commonality
as possible into helper classes, but that doesn't feel as clean.

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