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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: discussion about release frequency.
Date Sat, 18 Sep 2010 01:45:37 GMT

My unscientific, off the cuff, sociological impression is that once we 
moved forward with 
the "multi-branch" development plan and created the 3x branch, a lot of 
people who use to be the big proponents of regular releases got really
about the freedom involved in working on the trunk, and lost their 
motivation to push for releases - because a big part of that motivation 
came from the backcompat concerns and the need to churn out releasees 
with deprecations so that future versions could move forward ith more 
interesting APIs.  "trunk" turned into the new hot sexiness.

but like i said: that's just my unscientific impression.

: I think now that we have a "trunk" for unstable development, and a
: "3x" stable branch, that we should think about cutting releases from
: this branch much more often, for example every month or two.

I think that might be overly ambitious, particularly because we've never 
really talked about how the release process for the 3x branch *should* 
work (given the lucene/solr development merged) let alone start on those 
changes to make it easy (that process doc that scares the crap out of you 
is just for Lucene-Java, there's an equally scaray one for Solr)

I think it's going to take some work just on build/process before we can 
get our first "merged" release from 3x.  Assuming we improve some 
automation while we're at it, then i think it's feasible that we could 
start doing releases off of it every couple of months.  it would remain 
to be seen wether we sould *need* to release that often -- it will 
depend on wether anything new gets committed there -- but it would 
certianly be nice to be able to.

: Finally, as far as getting someone to do the work, I can certainly
: volunteer to help in the following ways:
: * being RM if you are ok with a non-maven release (until LUCENE-2268
: is fixed, i am uncomfortable with maven)

maven is such a contentious issue -- people either don't give a shit 
about it, or think it's the end of the world if the jars aren't there.

In the past i've argued that enough users care about maven we should 
really try to make sure we play nicely, but the more i think about it the 
less i think it should be part of the release process.  

the ASF releases source code.  When we vote on a release, tha's what we 
are voting on: source.  We may also distribute precompiled binary jars 
via the download mirrors, or via maven, but that's not what the release is 
about -- so let's get hte pom template files out of hte src tree, let's 
get the maven related tasks out of the build.xml file and treat publishing 
to maven as a seperate process that happens *after* the release.  We vote 
on the release, we release it, and then the folks that care about maven 
can publish the jars after the fact.


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