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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: missing "q" gives 500 error
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2010 18:40:34 GMT

: > I don't think so ... that's what q.alt is for.
: q.alt is for dismax.
: What's wrong with matching no documents if no query is specified?
: It's actually more consistent when someone tries to specify a
: zero-length query (i.e. q=)

My bad - i was mistakenly thinking we had promoted q.alt to be a 
QueryComponent param.

where are you suggesting we make the change? to QueryComponent or to the 

It makes sense in principle, but seems like QueryComponent shouldn't make 
any assumptions if there is no "q" param - the QParser might have it's own 
special rules (like DisMaxQParser and q.alt).  but if we put it in the 
QParser, then every QParser that doesn't have special logic needs to deal 
with it consistently.

Off the top of my head: we can make the QParsers return null if they 
consider the request "valid" but containing no meaningful query (ie: blank 
or missing q param) and then make QueryComponent short circut when the 
Query object is null.



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