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From Robert Muir <>
Subject bug triggered by TestIndexWriter.testRandomStoredFields
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2010 20:56:33 GMT

I've tripped on this a few times lately, but never been able to reproduce
it: it seems now i am able to reproduce it now semi-consistently with the
below configuration.
It would be great if someone else could try this out and see if its a real
problem, or if its just my machine.

occasionally i see a very nasty result
from TestIndexWriter.testRandomStoredFields:
either a read past EOF, IndexOutOfBounds, NegativeArraySizeException, or
field X is wrong, expected <nonsense unicode> actual <different nonsense

Here are my steps to reproduce:
1. edit line 87 of TestIndexWriter to plugin the seed:
    random = newRandom(3312389322103990899L);
2. run this command:
    ant clean test-core -Dtestcase=TestIndexWriter
-Dtestmethod=testRandomStoredFields -Dtests.iter=10

I used 10 iterations here, as it will usually fail with this seed and # of
iterations for me.

furthermore, if i comment out lines 5179 and 5180 from TestIndexWriter so
that it no longer randomly deletes documents, the test will always pass:
        //w.deleteDocuments(new Term("id", delID));

Robert Muir

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