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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: discussion about release frequency.
Date Sat, 18 Sep 2010 18:55:54 GMT
Just to be a bit more clear: I'm all for ditching the maven stuff from
the src tree as well, and having everything happen post release. But I
can see how that could be a pain in the ass if we did that quickly. I'm
much more concerned that Maven get out of the release process than the
maven poms/build.xml support being ripped out soon.

- Mark

On 9/18/10 1:13 PM, Mark Miller wrote:
> I don't think we really care if the tools remain in Lucene - that will
> allow some guy that cares about Maven to still make it all happen.
> I think we are more saying, lets drop it from part of the official
> release process. When we release, we don't worry about Maven as part of
> the release process. We can leave the Maven support tools we have - but
> it will be up to someone to step up and handle the Maven part outside of
> the official release process. So we drop it from the release todo's and
> what not (moving it to another page about how to create the maven
> artifacts).
> Then those that release and don't want to deal with Maven do not have
> to. It won't fall on the RM to think about Maven by default. Mavens
> supporters will have to step in.
> - Mark

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