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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Trouble updating Solr website
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2010 20:09:01 GMT

: > Like I said, on Mahout we went w/ a simple landing page and everything else in Confluence,
as inspired by OFBiz.
: Sounds good to me.... any objections?  Any tips on how to get us started?

FWIW: Ryan actually setup a SOLR Confluence wiki a long time ago with the 
plan of it replacing the mail solr site...

While i have mo particular love for forrest, i would like to suggest the 
following things be considered before moving forward...

1) now may be a good time to consider consolidating the entire Lucene TLP 
website into a single update model (ie: instead of having /java, /solr, 
/pylucene, /, etc... all be managed with distinct wikis or 
publishing flows, lets just have one site with one edit model.

2) docs that "ship" as part of the releases can (and probably should) be 
seperated out and managed independently -- either as distinct wikis, or 
via some other means -- and still available online linked to from the main 
site.  /java already has this working well for the per release lucene-java 
documentation where both teh "site" and the "docs" are in forrest -- we 
can follow this model for all of the individual releases independently of 
how the files them selves are generated.

3) if we do move to confluence we should think carefully in advance about 
how we want to deal with the ACLs ... what should be editable to anyone 
with an wiki acount, vs. what should be editable only to people with a CLA 
on file, vs what should be editable to only committers -- the first two in 
particular will heavily impact what can be packaged up in releases.


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