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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Solr 1.4.1
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2010 23:34:26 GMT

: Interesting - I'll look into it - def using java 1.5 for the build (build 1.6
: and 1.7 are also on this machine though).

it may just be that the 1.6 version of javadoc is first in your PATH ... 
not sure how <ant> calls javadoc.

: Yuck - this gets created by the build (and I had done the build a couple times
: with the wrong system params - version x.y.m and 1.4.2 and the default of
: 1.4.1-dev) - and clean doesn't remove them. Will take care of - this should be
: cleaned up - will likely be fixed by changing where this jar is created as you
: mention below - I'll handle will a manual clean for now.

yeah .. the bug is definitely in the velocity build process, but changing 
the location of the jar in a X.Y.1 release seems bad.

: Ugg - yeah, the local modifications are because I have to modify the
: prepare-release target to pass my username to svn - else it tries to use mark
: rather than markrmiller. That is a major pain (I don't like that it tries to
: commit for me anyway). It would be easy to get around by calling other targets
: (and skipping build-site) if it didn't have some maven cruft it did in it -
: I'll look into a workaround.

i'm not really familiar with that target -- but you should just commit 
that modification to all the branches (1.4, 3x, and trunk) .. that's a 
horribly assumption for our build file to make.


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