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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: velocity response writer breaks portability
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2010 20:23:15 GMT

: Why is Velocity any different than clustering or Solr Cell in this regard?
: Doesn't moving the example directory affect them too?

that was yonik's point about lazy loading -- it doesn't exist for response 
writers, so if you copy/move the example configs solr won't even start w/o 
the velocity contrib (but for hte other contribs you only get a failure if 
you try to use them)

: It's always been my intention to move VrW to Solr core.  Any objections to
: that?
: And in response to rmuir's question - it definitely makes for a good demo of
: Solr, though I don't think it is the right demo of low-level Lucene usage.
: But I'm all for VrW becoming more of a first class citizen.
: Everyone ok with VrW moving to Solr core?  I'll take care of it if desired.

+0 ... i'd prefer to keep the solr.war as lite as possible, with as few 
dependencies as possible -- so alowing for lazy loaded respose writers 
seems like a better choice to me -- but i recognize that there are 
size/feature trade offs.


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