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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Push for a Solr 1.4.1 Bug Fix Release?
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2010 23:39:02 GMT

: > All of the planned issues for 1.4.1 have been committed to branch-1.4, and
: >
: just wondering, where was this planning?

Earlier in the thread -- i posted a list of 18 issues that i was planning 
on merging, and got feedback saying "good idea", but besides upgrading to 
2.9.2 (or 2.9.3) no one suggested any other bugs we should specificly 
backport (Koji and Yonik did evidently merge some other fixes directly to 
the branch w/o replying -- you can see the full list in Jira)

: not much point really. you can break it by using either having a stopword
: before a hyphenated word (SOLR-1852) or simply by installing Solr on a
: non-US computer (LUCENE-2466)
: Seriously not trying to be a pain in the ass, its perfectly fine to say 'no
: we dont want to fix this shit in 1.4.1', but just say something so i can
: mark issues resolved, etc.

No worries, I'm not complaining...

SOLR-1852: i never even noticed this issue to consider it because i was 
only looking at things marked "Resolved" in the 1.5, 3.1, or 4.0 branch (i 
was only looking for things we already had fixes for) and this issue is 
still marked open ...looking at it now, am i correct in understanding that 
it was fixed in 3.1/4.0 as a side effect of something else, and the patch 
you posted is only needed/useful in 1.4? ... if so then let's definitley 
get that in 1.4.1.

LUCENE-2466: didn't show up in my lists because it's a LUCENE issue ... 
i'm a personally leary of merging this to include i na point release -- 
but that's my own paranoia since it's a lot of changes that i'm not 
directly familiar with, and i know there is a realatively simple work 
arround (set the system defaults locale/charset) --- But if you're 
confident none of these changes will break stuff for anyone already using 
Solr/Lucene then hell yeah, by all means please merge these into 2.9.3 and 


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