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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: Distributed search forces standard request handler?
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2010 01:26:35 GMT
On 6/21/10 4:58 PM, Chris Hostetter wrote:
> : I registered a request handler named after my application.  Aside from
> : various defaults that I configured, I also registered some components
> : I've written. When I tried to do a distributed search, I noticed that
> : the secondary Solr requests internal to the workings of the distributed
> : search were going to the standard request handler, not the one fielding
> : the distributed search.  As such, I found it necessary to duplicate my
> can you elaborate on what you mean by "standard request handler" ? ...
> what is hte actual URL that shows up in your access log on each of hte
> shards?
> I believe what may be happening is that when you execute a query like...
>    http://coordinator/solr/foobar?shard=shardA/solr/1,shardB/solr/2&...
> ...the resulting distributed queries look like...
>    http://shardA/solr/1/select?qt=/foobar&...
>    http://shardB/solr/2/select?qt=/foobar&...
> ...which should work, assuming you have the 'handleSelect="true"' option
> in your solrconfig.xml (the only reason not to have it is if you need to
> support really ugly legacy formating behavior from the /select URL, and if
> you are using distributed searching then presumably you aren't stuck in
> hte dark ages)
> NOTE: this is largely speculation on my part ... i haven't tested to
> verify that's actually what it's doing.  (I also have a vague recollection
> that this may have changed in Solr 1.4 to be less confusing)
> -Hoss

I think - and this doesn't appeared to be doc'd anywhere so I don't know 
for sure - but if I remember right, there is a shards.qt param - if that 
is set, that's the handler used for sub shards - otherwise select is used.

The distrib wiki is pretty light in general though - doesn't even 
mention the infinite loop problem that's easy to stumble upon.

- Mark

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