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From Earwin Burrfoot <>
Subject Re: Thoughts on CMS and SMS
Date Sat, 29 May 2010 17:15:57 GMT
> I disagree about time limiting MS. It may not be useful in many cases,
> true. But I have a scenario in which machines are used to perform all
> sorts of tasks and the are windows in which I'm allowed to do 'heavy
> operations'.
> It's true I can just choose not to merge large segments, but I thought
> that instead of guessing (even if it'd be an educated guess) which
> segments I should pick for different time windows, I'll limit the time
> the MS runs. That in addition to not picking large segments for short
> time periods.
> There are many different scenarios out there Earwin. Some look bizarre
> I admit :).
Yup, that's the right word for what I am feeling.
But, allright, you can have an Executor that interrupts its threads
after a timeout. If we properly handle Thread.interrupted() within
merging code, this will work, as well as all kinds of manual
interruptions and whatnot.

> The entity which executes a single merge, today, is IW. Do you think
> we need a different entity? For what purpose?
We might create a new thing, we might use IW, doesn't matter. I
outlined the separation of concerns I'd like to see. Whoever
implements each part is a separate decision.

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