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From Shai Erera <>
Subject Per-Thread DW and IW
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2010 05:25:23 GMT

I've been following the PTDW issue and so far the approach that's been
proposed and agreed on sounds great! - each thread will have it's own
DW, DWs will flush themselves independently of each other etc.

I'm now wondering if we cannot simplify the approach even further by
eliminating DW at all and let several IW instances open and index over
the same Directory inside the same JVM (basically allowing multiple
threads to open their own IW)?

Would it simplify matters for the currently ongoing issue? Would it
complicate matters for the app (init'ing IW per thread, controlling
RAM settings etc.)?
It will definitely simplify multi-threaded handling for IW extensions
like Parallel Index …

One thing we'll need to expose is a shared deleted doc IDs object
which all IW will update. Anything else?

I'm just thinking outloud here, hence why I didn't post it on the
issue itself. What I'm thinking is taking all that per-thread thing
outside IW and let the app more control. But having IW multi-threaded
is also a great advantage and more convenient to the app.


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