The very first thing I'd recommend is to get a copy of Luke
(google Lucene, Luke) and examine your index to see if
what you *think* is in there is *actually* in there.

One popular "learning experience" is to do something
Document = new Document();
while (<more docs to add>) {
   add field
   add field
   add doc

Problem is that the document simply accumulates. The first
"add doc" puts your first document in the index. The second
puts the contents of both the first and second doc in the
second doc of the index. The third puts the contents of 3
documents in for the third doc, etc.....

Cure this by moving the new Document inside the while loop....

If this doesn't help, please show your indexing and
searching code....


On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 9:35 AM, Dyutiman <> wrote:

I am new in this forum and new to Lucene also. I m getting some issue while
trying to filter my Lucene result.

While creating the index I am creating a field called sentiment and possible
values are 'positive', 'negative' & 'neutral', I am indexing this field like
doc.add(new Field("sentiment", sentiment, Field.Store.YES,

Now I want to search within my index but get only positive sentiment results
for the searched string.
For this I am doing something like this :

QueryParser qp = new QueryParser(Version.LUCENE_CURRENT, "contents",
Query query = qp.parse(searchString);
Filter filter = new TermRangeFilter("sentiment", "positive", "positive",
true, true);
topDocs =, filter, 20);

But I am getting results mixed with all 3 sentiments. I tried other filters
also but the result is same.
Anybody got any solutions for me please help......


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