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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Contrib tests fail if core jar is not up to date
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2010 21:50:15 GMT

: In addition to what Shai mentioned, I wanted to say that there are
: other oddities about how the contrib tests run in ant. For example,
: I'm not sure why we create the junitfailed.flag files (I think it has
: something to do with detecting top-level that a single contrib
: failed).

Correct ... even if one contrib fails, test-contrib attempts to run the 
tests for all the other contribs, and then fails if any junitfailed.flag 
files are found in any contribs.

The assumption was if you were specificly testing a single contrib you'd 
be using the contrib specific build from it's own directory, and it would 
still fail fast -- it's only if you run "test-contrib" from the top level 
that it ignores when "ant test" fails for individual contribs, and then 
reports the failure at the end.

It's a hack, but it's a useful hack for getting nightly builds that can 
report on the tests for all contribs, even if the first one fails (it's 
less useful when one contrib depends on another, but that's a more complex 


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