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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: lucene and solr trunk
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2010 10:06:43 GMT
On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 2:51 AM, Michael Busch <> wrote:
> On 3/16/10 12:43 AM, Simon Willnauer wrote:
>> If my impression should be wrong or if I miss something please ignore
>> the last paragraph.
> I feel exactly like you, Simon.  I don't understand the rush.  Also, we're
> in review-and-commit process, not commit-and-review.  Changes have to be
> proposed, discussed and ideally attached to jira as patches first.

There's obviously alot of excitement driving the progress here, and
there's been awesome progress.  Things are moving fast, but...

Remember that all commits/fast iterations are being done on a branch,
so that people involved can make fast progress.

When we land that branch onto trunk, there will be the usual scrutiny
("review then commit") of the changes that're going in, and this email
was started to get the most important topic ("where does all this
land, anyway") going, first.

EG changes like a move to Java 1.6, disallowing compression in Solr's
schema.xml, the Version changes percolating into Solr, all obviously
need sizable review & discussion...

>> BTW: I still have the impression that if I don't follow IRC constantly
>> I'm missing important things.
> Me too.  I don't have the time to follow IRC in addition to jira and
> mailinglists.  I know I've been missing stuff, because in the past I
> commented on jira issues and later was told that my questions were already
> discussed thoroughly on IRC.  I've also seen jira issues that start with
> something like "Summary of IRC discussion:".

This is a hard problem...

IRC is a very good tool to enable those that have the time (and I
agree it's ALOT OF TIME -- I can't keep up with it either) to work
together.  Fast design discussions are a powerful way to bat around
random ideas, and I'd say IRC has already produced a number of good
ideas for improving Lucene (opened as issues, lately...).

But the thing to remember is of all the crazy discussions that happen
on IRC (and there are MANY that don't pan out), when a "real" idea
pans out, it must then go through the normal process -- turn into an
issue, comments are added summarizing the pros/cons that were
discussed on IRC, a patch is created and must be reviewed, iterated,
and then committed.  The CTR process is still intact... it's just that
IRC is a faster way for some devs to discuss things that may turn into
real ideas (or, may get dropped on the floor).

Does anyone know how other projects fold in IRC...?


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