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From Shai Erera <>
Subject Contrib tests fail if core jar is not up to date
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2010 21:33:36 GMT

I've noticed that sometimes, after I run test-core and test-contrib, and
then change core code, test-contrib fail on NoSuchMethodError and stuff like
that. I've noticed that core.jar exists under build, and I assumed it's used
by test-contrib, and probably is not recreated after core code has changed.

I verified it when looking in contrib-build.xml, which defines a property
lucene.jar.present which is set to true if the jar is ... well, present.
Which I believe is the reason for these failures. I've been thinking how to
resolve that, and I can think of two ways:

(1) have test-core always delete that file, but that has two issues:
(1.1) It's redundant if the code hasn't changed.
(1.2) It forces you to either jar-core or test-core before you test-contrib,
if you want to make sure you run w/ the latest jar.


(2) have test-contrib always call jar-core, which will first delete the file
and then re-create it by compiling first. Compiling should not do anything
if the code hasn't changed. So the only waste would be to create the .jar,
but I think that's quite fast?

Does anyone, with more Ant skills than me, know of a better way to detect
from test-contrib that core code has changed and only then rebuild the jar?


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