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From Earwin Burrfoot <>
Subject Re: Incremental Field Updates
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2010 09:14:24 GMT
>>If someone needs this, it can be built over lucene, without
>>introducing it as a core feature and needlessly complicating things.
> I think with any partial-update feature the *absence* of primary key support would  "needlessly
complicate things":
> If Lucene is not capable of performing duplicate detection on insert (because it has
no notion of a primary key field), we need to be prepared for the situation where we have
duplicate-key docs in the index.
> What then happens when Grant wants to do a "partial update" as opposed to the existing
full-update semantics which first deletes all documents containing the supplied term (always
a form of primary key)?
> Which document instance gets "partially updated"? We either:
> a) throw a "duplicate" error (which ideally should have happened back at dup insert time)
> b) Choose one of the documents to "partially update" and keep the duplicate(s)
> c) Choose one of the documents to "partially update" and delete the duplicate(s)
> d) "Partially update" all of the duplicate(s)
> All less than ideal.

Variant d) sounds most logical? And enables all sorts of fun stuff.

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