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From Ian Holsman <>
Subject Re: lucene and solr trunk
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2010 06:18:45 GMT
what other libraries do is have a 'core' or a 'common' bit.. which is 
what the lucene library really is.

looking at today I see that 
nearly, but it's called 'java'.
maybe just renaming 'java' to 'core' or 'common' (hadoop uses common) 
might make sense
and let ivy or maven be responsible for pulling the other parts.

as a weekend developer, I would just pull the bit I care about, and let 
ivy or maven get the other bits for me.

btw.. having a master 'pom.xml' in could just include the the 
module pom's and build them
without having to have nightly jars etc.

as for the goal of doing single commits, I've noticed that most of the 
discussion has been in the format of

and /lucene/ABC/trunk

if this is one code base, would it make sense to have it:

On 3/18/10 11:33 AM, Chris Hostetter wrote:
> : build and nicely gets all dependencies to Lucene and Tika whenever I build
> : or release, no problem there and certainly no need to have it merged into
> : Lucene's svn!
> The key distinction is that Solr is allready in "Lucene's svn" -- The
> question is how reorg things in a way that makes it easier to build Solr
> and Lucene-Java all at once, while wtill making it easy to build just
> Lucene-Java.
> : Professionally i work on a (world-class) geocoder that also nicely depends
> : on Lucene by using maven, no problems there at all and no need to merge
> : that code in Lucene's svn!
> Unless maven has some features i'm not aware of, your "nicely depends"
> works buy pulling Lucene jars from a repository -- changing Solr to do
> that (instead of having committed jars) would be farrly simple (with or
> w/o maven), but that's not the goal.  The goal is to make it easy to build
> both at once, have patches that update both, and (make it easy to) have
> atomic svn commits that touch both.
> -Hoss
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