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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: lucene and solr trunk
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2010 11:29:39 GMT
On 03/16/2010 07:05 AM, Shalin Shekhar Mangar wrote:
> Wow, you guys are moving fast! Thats a good thing.
> IRC is fine if you want to discuss something quickly. But it has its 
> limitations. For example, I cannot follow IRC most of the times 
> because I'm in a different time zone. But I don't want to stop anyone 
> either. In fact, I can't do that. Nobody can.
> All I want to say is that once discussions have happened and a plan 
> agreed upon, it may be a good idea to let solr-dev/java-dev know the 
> plan. In this case I didn't know a new branch was created until I saw 
> was a commit notification and then Yonik's email.

Hi Shalin - I like your attitude ;)


Yonik's email was the notification of the plan :) Though we had no plan. 
When Robert and I made the branch we had no plan really - we just needed 
a place to put together our patches and do the final work. We were 
trying to do it with patches, but it was becoming difficult. But when we 
started we had no real plan - just to see if we could get Solr up and 
running on Lucene 3.01 and then trunk. Anything beyond that, we have not 
planned for - and before that was even completed, there were emails to 
java-dev about it. But we conceived nothing beyond seeing if we could 
get Solr running on the latest Lucene.

 From our perspective, we would have been just as happy with a branch on 
my local hard drive! That would have taken longer to setup though.

- Mark

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