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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: lucene and solr trunk
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2010 10:14:17 GMT
On 03/16/2010 03:43 AM, Simon Willnauer wrote:
> One more thing which I wonder about even more is that this whole
> merging happens so quickly for reasons I don't see right now. I don't
> want to keep anybody from making progress but it appears like a rush
> to me.

Meh - I think your just plain wrong about this. Anyone can work as fast 
as they want on anything. Nothing has happened faster than the community 
wants yet. Your too concerned. This is called discussion. Nothing has 
happened. In my opinion, the whole freak out of what goes where in svn 
was so over blown - its so easy to move this stuff around at the drop of 
a hat. That's why it was suggested we put a branch there and no one saw 
anything wrong it with for the moment - everyone said, well we can just 
easily move it if someone has an issue - which we did. Didn't expect the 
freak out though. Frankly, we were just seeking a branch really, and 
didn't care where it went.

Some of us are anxious to do some work - some of us are anxious to merge 
some code - no one is forcing this stuff on the others at a rapid pace - 
everyone gets there say as always. This is why we wanted a branch we 
could committ what we wanted to. SVN locations make starting the merge 
of code easier. They are easy to change. This is not like rushing index 
format changes. Its src code location - it can be moved at the drop of 
the hat. The sooner we resolve what we are going to do, the sooner we 
can start getting more work done that we hoped to get down with this 
merge. This thread starts that discussion. You can't start a discussion 
to early. Perhaps it leads to another discussion first, but their is no 
such thing as rushing the start of discussion. It doesn't say "figure it 
out by tomorrow, cause we are doing this tomorrow. " It doesn't say, 
figure this out by next week, because we are doing this next week. It 
says lets discuss where this is going to go.

I think some people just need to relax, and discuss what they would like 
to see and worry less about how fast others are working. Fast work is 
good. It means more work. Nothing is going to happen until the community 
figures things out.

> BTW: I still have the impression that if I don't follow IRC constantly
> I'm missing important things.
That's your impression then. Follow IRC if you want. People talk all 
over the places about Lucen/Solr - many times in places you can't follow 
- if it didn't happen on the list, it didn't happen. Michael Busch 
follows up saying, "people say it was discussed thoroughly on IRC" - so 
what? It doesn't count as a valid point of reference - I haven't seen 
that, but you can just tell someone that says that so - they owe you an 

- Mark

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