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From "Gregor Kaczor" <>
Subject IndexWriter.synced field accumulates data
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2010 18:15:47 GMT
I am running into a strange OutOfMemoryError. My small test application does index and delete
some few files. This is repeated for 60k times.  Optimization is run from every 2k times a
file is indexed. Index size is 50KB. I did analyze the HeapDumpFile and realized that IndexWriter.synced
field occupied more than half of the heap. That field is a private HashSet without a getter.
Its task is to hold files which have been synced already. 

There are two calls to addAll and one call to add on synced but no remove or clear throughout
the lifecycle of the IndexWriter instance. 

According to the Eclipse Memory Analyzer synced contains 32618 entries which look like file
names "_e065_1.del" or "_e067.cfs" 

The index directory contains 10 files only.

I guess synced is holding obsolete data

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