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From Robert Muir <>
Subject Re: Uwe's question
Date Fri, 26 Feb 2010 02:06:53 GMT
> LocalizedTestCase called runBare in LuceneTestCase which reported the seed
> value if an exception was thrown. I couldn't find a good way to access
> runBare or analogs in Junit4, but the interceptor pattern worked as well.
> The interceptor is called by the Junit framework on test events, so there
> aren't references to it in the Lucene test code. There are other places that
> call runBare, so I assumed that if anyone wanted to use Junit4 with those
> classes it would be a good thing to allow.

I didn't forget about your patch Erick, in my opinion there is nothing wrong
with it. I hope its not discouraging you, the problem is a few of us have
spent countless hours trying to debug this hard-to-reproduce Thai test
failure problem.

It failed in the existing tests, too, with Junit 3 on hudson (one time!). At
this point, i start to wonder if it could be related to stuff like this:

I don't think we should let this stop progress with the tests, if you think
we should move LocalizedTestCase to junit 4 lets do it.

Robert Muir

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